Salesforce Web-to-lead reCAPTCHA Key – Insufficient Privileges

If you receive an “Insufficient Privileges” message when trying to add a new reCAPTCHA Key Entry on the Web-to-lead OR Web-to-case generator page within Salesforce you can use the below steps to fix this:

To Enable, please follow below steps:

1. Click Setup
2. Click Customize
3. Click User Interface
4. Enable Show Quick Create
5. Click Save

After this, go back and add the new reCAPTCHA API Key Pair:

1. Click Setup
2. Click Customize
3. Click Leads | Select “Web-to-Lead”
2. Click Create Web-to-Lead form
3. Enable Spam Filtering
4. Click reCAPTCHA API Key Pair Lookup button
5. Click New | fill out Required fields
6. Click Save

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